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Bridges Over River Named

A ROAD and two bridges running along and across the Ovens River have been recommended to be given Aboriginal names to signify their link with the new Bullawah Trail.

Administrators were last night asked to advertise the intention to rename a road at the end of Ovens Street, which leads down to Sydney Beaches, ‘Bullawah Place’.

The two suspension bridges will also to be named Dirrawarra Bridge and Torryong Bridge, which key parts of the new Bullawah Trail, if no objections are received to the proposed names.

Bullawah is a Pangerang word meaning “two over the river” and signifies the new passages of the two suspension bridges over the river.

Dirrawarra is a Pangerang word meaning together and united, while Torryong reflects the Ovens River that is situated under the suspension bridge and will help to educate the local community regarding traditional Aboriginal language.

Local elder Aunty Betty Cherry is “thrilled to bits” about the new names but is saddened by the passing of Uncle Sandy Atkinson last week, who she said was instrumental in working on the Bullawah Trail.

“It’s a pity he’s not here to see it completed,” she said.

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