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So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight…

18 months ago Greg Dickson joined the staff at CALL, bringing his enthusiasm and great shirts. In a frenzied whirlwind of activity, not only has he raised the bar by rewriting all the study guides and revamping the CALL Sharepoint site, he has persuaded us to adopt a new communicative norm.

While many of us try to say as much as we can with as few words as possible, Greg’s way is to say one thing in as many languages as possible.

So in honour of you Greg: bobo (Arnhem Land), kel aretyenheng (Arandic), ngulajuku (Warlpiri), kamarnta (Warumungu), hai finito, ciao (Italian), bonj (Bininj Kun-wok), ma, ganapiya, japarra ngapa ny-jirra (Burarra), jer er ferdig (Norwegian), Näkemiin (Finnish), ??? ????? (Arabic), hasta la vista (Spanish), ????? (Japanese), Donadagohvi (Cherokee)…

Thanks Greg for your constant reminder of why we are here, because we hold language dear.

Good luck from all of us at CALL!!

And one more thing: gu-yinpa barra nyina-jeka? (Burarra)


News from the CALL Newsletter
Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics,
A division of Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education
Volume 2, Issue 1, Feb 2010

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