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Dual Naming

There has been a move in recent years to recognise the validity of Indigenous names and to promote the investigation and official use of these names. In NSW the Geographical Names Board has established a dual naming sub-committee and dual naming guidelines.
These guidelines recognise the significance of Aboriginal culture by giving dual names to already named geographical features, such as, rivers, creeks and mountains. An example of dual naming is Dawes Point Reserve situated under the southern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority proposed a dual name be considered for the Reserve. Local Indigenous communities and historical sources were consulted to ensure cultural accuracy; a dual name can be assigned only where there is strong evidence of a pre-existing Indigenous placename, and the proposal must have the support of the local community.
The Sydney Harbour pilot project has resulted in the Cadigal name Tar-ra, as well as Dawes Point, being adopted and displayed prominently at the Reserve.

This information is from the Australian National Placenames Survey, Indigenous Languages Fact Sheet, written by, and republished with permission of, Clair Hill.

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