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New South Wales

NSW is currently the only state in Australia that has developed a comprehensive state-wide Indigenous languages policy. The policy was formally launched in July 2004. The strategy to implement the policy will be finalised and released publicly in late 2007.

NSW Aboriginal Languages Policy (NSW DAA)

In 2004 NSW was the first state to adopt an Aboriginal Languages Policy (NSW DAA)

Under the policy:

  • A Kindergarten to Year 10 syllabus will be introduced from the beginning of 2005 – enabling students in the State to study an Aboriginal language through to Year 10. The changes mean students will be better placed to study an Aboriginal language for their HSC;
  • The NSW Aboriginal Languages Research & Resource Centre was opened in March 2003. With the aim of helping to preserve the State’s 70 Aboriginal languages. The centre gives technical support to Aboriginal communities in reviving, maintaining and teaching languages;
  • An Aboriginal languages database will be available to schools and communities from 2007;
  • New guidelines are provided to help Aboriginal communities revive and teach their local language; and Aboriginal communities will work closely with schools in the development and delivery of the new language curriculum.

Read the full policy http://www.daa.nsw.gov.au/data/files//languagespolicyFINAL.pdf

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