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NSW Aboriginal Languages K–10 Syllabus

In 2004 the Aboriginal Curriculum Unit in the NSW Board of Studies developed an Aboriginal Languages K–10 Syllabus to coordinate and formalise support for Aboriginal Language programs in schools. Since then the ACU has been holding workshops with selected schools to incorporate the curriculum into the school program.

During 2006 there were 46 programs offered in 10 languages to 25 primary, 9 secondary and 3 central schools. Of these, 41 are state schools, 4 Catholic schools, 1 independent school. (source: The NSW Office of the Board of Studies & Department of Education and Training )

In an effort to improve retention rates and literacy amongst Indigenous students the NSW State Government announced in September 2007 that they will make it compulsory to teach Indigenous languages in schools with high Indigenous populations. They cited the improvement in retention and literacy amongst Indigenous students at Bourke High School since they started teaching Wangkumarra. (SMH 14 Sept)


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